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Windborne Debris

Despite disaster-resistant building codes, severe weather, including windstorms and hurricanes, reeks havoc on properties every year, causing serious property damage and death and injury to building occupants and bystanders. Much of this destruction is due to one simple and often preventable force. Flying glass.

How can you help your building and its occupants weather the storm?

Llumar Magnum® safety and security film is a heavy duty polyester film bonded by special adhesives. When applied to the interior of new or existing glass, it provides a virtually invisible force of protection that helps to hold glass in place when it shatters due to lethal winds, dramatically reducing damage or injury from flying glass, keeping people and premises safer and more secure.

Commercial Building - Windborne Debris

A Clear-Cut Solution

Llumar Magnum® provides all of this protection, while also allowing excellent optical clarity -- no shadowing or yellowing of your facility's glass.

The Industry's Most Durable Protection

With Llumar, you'll have the added assurance of the highest film durability in the industry, and a patented scratch resistant (SR) coating that ensures easy maintenance using conventional window cleaning methods.

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Simply Installed...

Llumar Magnum® is easily installed to the interior of new or existing glass, with little or no mess or disruption to building activities. And every dealer-installed Llumar film comes with a manufacturer's warranty for film and labor.

Block Damaging Rays

Choose Llumar's solar version to block out up 99 percent of the sun's damaging UV rays, and substantially reduce fading and deterioration of fabrics, furnishings, and displays. It even cuts distorting and distracting sun glare.

Save Energy Everyday

On a daily basis, Llumar Magnum® can also help you optimize energy efficiency. The film's high-heat rejection properties keep out a full 79 percent of solar energy effectively reducing your building energy consumption while enhancing your building's comfort.

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Windborne Debris

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