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Reflective and Non-Reflective Film

At Courtaulds Performance Films, Inc., proprietary technology and manufacturing prowess have combined to produce the world's leading selection of reflective and non-reflective window films. To meet specific geographic and functional require-meats, LLumar film products are diverse in appearance and performance.

Reflective films are the top solar-control performers among all films.

Reflective and Non-Reflective Film Specialty Film & Colors Sputtered Film

Reflective Scrub

On window films without a scratch-resistant coating,
fine steel wool destroys the film surface.


As the name implies, these films are produced with a metal-reflective surface, a mirror-life finish especially desirable for commercial buildings and other applications where solar energy control or privacy are primary objectives. Reflective Series films are constructed through thermal evaporation, a process in which a micro-thin, partially transparent layer of metal is deposited onto a polyester film substrate. Courtaulds is able to incorporate its unique dyeing capability into reflective film to achieve impressive architectural statements. This design capability makes them, as a group, the top solar control performers among all LLumar films.

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By impregnating dyes and stabilizers into a polyester film substrate, Courtaulds can

produce LLumar film of virtually and hue or density. Unlike color-coating processes, this patented dyeing process assures films which are more uniform and which last longer.

Scratch-Resistant (SR) Coating

Many films described on this page are available with Courtaulds' patented SR coating. The industry's toughest and most durable coating for polyester films, crystal clear SR assures care- free maintenance with most conventional methods of window cleaning. Ask you LLumar dealer to demonstrate the impressive abrasion protection for the SR coating.

Special Properties

Although reflective and non-reflective films are very different films intended for very different applications, they all share certain essential properties.

Clear Distortion Free

CDF is unique to LLumar films. The adhesive system forms an actual molecular bond between film and glass, producing an installation of optical clarity and durability unattainable with alternative "tacky" adhesives. The CDF adhesive system incorporates a clear release liner which protects both film and adhesive from moisture and dirt until the moment of installation.

Special Safety Protection

Like all LLumar films, R-Series and NR-Series are made from a super tough polymer with muscle to hold window glass in place in the event of an accident of vandalism. By preventing flying glass, they protect people and property.

Ultraviolet Radiation

Impregnated with special inhibitors, the films reject up to 99% of the sun's UV radiation, significantly reducing damage to furnishings and fabrics from sun fading.

Manufacturer's Warranty

Consistent with its superior construction and performance characteristics, R and NR Series films carry the most liberal manufacturer's protection in the industry.

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