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Sputtered Film

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Llumar N-Series window films are the most advanced solar control films available today. Unique construction technology and performance components, found only in N-Series, combine to produce a film literally in a class by itself.

Reflective films are the top solar-control performers among all films.

Construction Technology

N-Series films achieve their outstanding color stability, durability and performance through sputtering - a manufacturing process which bonds exclusive high performance metals and alloys to the film structure. Bonding proceeds into the film's surface, linking film and special Llumar allows together as an intergral unit. Conventional film products get their color and other properties from dyes or coating, which are destined to fade and discolor over time. Because all the visual and energy control performance features of Llumar N-Series come from stabilized metal-based components, no dye or pigmented coatings are ever used. N-Series films are not subject to fading or discoloration; they resist the corrosive effects of acid and alkaline agents in the environment and are virtually impervious to mositure damage. 

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Design Parameters

The design innovations incorporated into N-Series make it a popular choice for all geographical areas. Most of the sun's heat is transmitted in the form of invisible infrared and ultraviolet radiation. N-Series films are able to isolate and reject heat in these energy bands, while allowing visible light to pass through. The visual effects is soft-glare-corrected and color neutral ... by design. Llumar customers all over the world confirm that it is, indeed, "the best window film you'll never see."

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