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Kahala Mandarin Oriental Hawaii - Honolulu, Hawaii

When the management of the Kahala Mandarin Oriental luxury hotel embarked upon a total renovation of the interior, they looked for a way to increase the protection of their new interior furnishings and pristine wood floors from the ravages of the sun. They were also looking for a way to upgrade the existing plate glass windows to provide safety protection.

The general contractor, Kiewit Construction Co. Ltd., had to find a solution and they found Llumar Solar Control Window Film to be the best answer to the problem. Llumar Window Film is a laminate of polyester and metallized coatings. The film is constructed with an exclusive, clear, distortion-free adhesive system and a special scratch-free fact coating that allows for easy maintenance using standard window cleaning products.

The total installation used 30,00 square feet of Llumar N-1065 CDF. When installed, the solar control film eliminated 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays to help preserve the color brilliance of furnishings and fabrics, we well as protect the fine wood floors. The window film also reduced glare, eliminated hot spots and lowered energy consumption by cutting heat gain through glass.

Luxury Resort Hotel Interior

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Llumar Window Film also provided that needed safety benefit in that it formed a shield across the glass to which it was fitted so that if the glass were to be broken most of the fragments would be held in place.

In commenting on the finished project, a Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group representative said, "We were delighted that the installation of the window film went so smoothly and did not interrupt out daily operations or inconvenience our patrons. We already feel that benefit of the glare protection and heat reduction in all areas of the report."

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